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Radon gas is in every home and is easily to test and remove


What is Radon

Radon gas is the NUMBER ONE cause of lung cancer for NON-SMOKERS Radon gas is a naturally occurring decay product of radioactive uranium from the soil. When the concentrations are above the Health Canadian Guidelines of 200Bq/m3 it is a serious health issue. Radon gas in every home so do not let it scare you Radon Plus will make easy.  Call for a  FREE in home CONSULTATION.

Radon Facts

-N.B hast the highest levels in Canada.

-21000 Radon related deaths each year in North America.

-Radon is strong enough to pit plastic.

-1 in 4 homes in N.B are above the 200Bq/m3 guidelines.

-2015 homes and newer homes have a rough-in pipe for a radon system.



Radon Plus want to make testing for Radon gas easy for you.  

Short-Term testing (4days) 

Long-Term testing 3-12 months.

We do all the work for you with easy to understand printouts to show you exactly what the radon is doing.


We make testing for radon gas simple and quick. Before you buy determine if the home has the potential for high radon levels. We offer a real- estate package that includes.

1. Short-Term test to show the "Potential" radon levels before the purchased with printout.

2.  Long-Term test to be performed after occupancy. Remember Radon is in every home so do not let it scare you, it is easy to control.



Radon Plus has mitigation options available for controlling Radon and other naturally occurring gas entering your home or business. Free in home consultations.

Other Benefits

-Reduces humidity in basements.

-Crawlspace smells associated with natural decay.

-Stops other harmful gas like Methane from entering.

 We guarantee our work.

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